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The 10-Bagger Prelaunch
Thomas Maskell -- 04/10/08
Can we grab hold of the 10-bagger right before the stock skyrockets?...(more)

Search For The 10-Bagger Fundamentals
Thomas Maskell -- 07/03/07
Though they may not be particularly rare, these elusive stocks hold promise nonetheless....(more)

The Dow's Dogs, Undaunted
David Penn -- 01/25/05
A bearish sawtooth pattern in stocks in 2004 couldn't hold back the littlest underdogs of the Dow 30....(more)

Gann's Square Of Nine
Gary Goldberg -- 12/18/03
Whether you call it Gann's square of nine or something else, it holds secrets to the greatest mystery in mathematics -- the distribution of prime numbers....(more)

Buy And Hold Bonanzas
David Penn -- 01/07/03
Buy and hold investing still works, but you've got to pick the right partners....(more)

Waiting For The Fed
David Penn -- 05/14/02
How are monetary-based stock market timing models holding up in the Age of the Bear Market?...(more)

Utilities: Used And Abused
David Penn -- 02/26/02
With growth companies going nowhere and recession holding the broader economy back, utility stocks with their predictable revenues and big dividends should be the place to be. So why aren't they?...(more)

Trends And The 4% Solution
David Penn -- 02/12/02
Can you improve your odds of buying bottoms and selling tops? Use both trend-following and momentum-shift approaches to learn when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em....(more)

The Hot War Bear
David Penn -- 11/27/01
The Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression initiated the first secular bear market of the 20th century. Do those events hold any lessons for investors in the 21st?...(more)

Mutual Funds For The Not So Dumb - Eric Tyson
David Penn -- 09/20/01
At first glance, Eric Tyson appears to know as much about finance as he does about, well, dummies. After all, in addition to being an award-winning personal finance journalist and guest on programs su...(more)

Looking For Intrinsic Value - Clyde McGregor of Oakmark Funds
David Penn -- 05/30/01
As a portfolio manager for Harris Associates, LP, a Chicago-based investment management firm that serves as advisor to the Oakmark Family of funds, Clyde McGregor searches for stocks trading below int...(more)

Is Buy-And-Hold The Strategy For You?
RM Sidewitz, Ph.D -- 03/01/01
Buying and holding stocks may not be the best approach for everyone, especially those who are unwilling to sit back and take large losses while they wait for their stocks to climb back up....(more)

Samuel Eisenstadt Of Value Line
David Penn -- 11/22/00
For more than 50 years, Samuel Eisenstadt has been one of the major reasons for the phenomenal success of Value Line, Inc., developers of the Value Line Ranking System. Eisenstadt is research chairman...(more)

Get A Hold On Investing Volume Basics
Martin J. Pring -- 10/25/00
How is volume used in technical analysis and what can it tell us?...(more)

Plan Early for your Taxes
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 09/10/00
OK so April 15th is months away. Why worry about taxes now? Unfortunately if you are a mutual fund holder or have sold securities during the course of the year, you may have to end up paying a hefty...(more)

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