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Timing And Dollar Cost Averaging
Donald Pendergast -- 01/04/13
Timing makes a difference....(more)

Inflation-Adjusted Market Returns
Ron McEwan -- 09/27/12
Often, we forget to take inflation into account when calculating long-term returns. Here's how you can include this necessary variable and get a more realistic picture of your returns....(more)

Systematic & Unsystematic Risk And CAPM
Daniel Subach -- 06/28/12
This article is a continuation of Subach's previous article concerning diversification and risk reduction. This time, he will explore systematic and unsystematic risk with respect to total risk of inv...(more)

Diversification And Risk Reduction
Daniel Subach -- 04/02/12
Investors are looking to minimize risk to preserve their hard-earned money. This article begins exploration of the capital asset pricing model utilized by investors to reduce risk and manage investmen...(more)

Investing Clubs And Trading Communities
Karen Wasserman -- 08/24/11
Trading and investing is a solo activity in the end, but that doesn't mean traders and investors can't benefit from the feedback, idea-gathering, and communal support offered by organized communities....(more)

Dividends And Premiums, Oh My!
Teresa Fernandez -- 10/04/10
Plan carefully and you'll be surprised at how much you can reap only using Bollinger Bands and Excel....(more)

Planning For 2010
Michael Porter -- 12/17/09
The worst economic downturn of the 20th century has soured the attitudes of many Americans in regards to investing. Following the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the long painful decline of the Dow Jo...(more)

GEMs Among The Talus
Thomas Maskell -- 10/05/09
Look for growth, earnings, and money flow....(more)

Do You Need Volume To Move Stocks Higher?
Michael Carr, CMT -- 08/26/09
Many analysts are pointing to lower than average volume in stocks as a reason to expect a price decline. This seems logical, but test data works better when it comes to making investing decisions....(more)

Investing In Africa
Paulo Pezzutti -- 09/09/08
Long an underappreciated continent for investment, Africa is on the verge of recognition....(more)

Alternative Energy
Paulo Pezzutti -- 11/05/07
Here's an option to approach new technologies that favor a cleaner environment....(more)

Momentum Investing
John Devcic -- 03/14/07
What is momentum investing and who is it for?...(more)

Be Like Buffett
David Penn -- 03/07/07
For the past seven years, money manager Doug Davenport and The Wisdom Fund have offered investors a chance at investing in stocks "Warren's way."...(more)

Self-Directed IRAs
Pamela Constantino -- 01/17/07
Nontraditional investments provide big opportunities....(more)

Avinash Agrawal -- 09/27/06
Whether you invest on your own or through a money manager, keep in mind optimal trade-sizing techniques and apply them to an investing discipline instead of relying on your emotions....(more)

Stock Analysis And Investing For The Small Investor
Daniel Subach -- 08/21/06
Here's some advice and wisdom for small investors seeking to invest in the stock market for the first time....(more)

Retro Investing With An Eisenhower-Era Approach
James Maccaro -- 06/19/06
Here's something for those with a nostalgic bent....(more)

Beta Mutual Funds: Do They Make Cents?
Norman J. Brown -- 06/05/06
How well do beta mutual funds work?...(more)

Warren Buffett Speaks: New Thoughts On Investing
James Maccaro -- 04/18/06
The Berkshire Hathaway annual report brings forth insight from one of the world's richest men, and this year's is no exception....(more)

Magnets And Market Direction
David Penn -- 11/23/05
A conversation and market update with Jordan Kimmel of Magnet Investing....(more)

The Effect Of Tilt On Mutual Fund Investing
Norman J. Brown -- 10/07/05
Overcome invisible limits and find your own positive tilt....(more)

Momentum Investing In Mutual Funds
Jacob Singer -- 08/25/05
There's a big difference between how a strategy works in real life and historical tests....(more)

No Investor Left Behind
Pat Olsen -- 08/24/05
Become your own best money manager....(more)

Jordan Kimmel Of Magnet Investing
David Penn -- 07/05/05
Who put the technicals in my fundamental analysis? Who put the fundamentals in my technical analysis? Kimmel's Magnet Investing is another path to the perfect blend....(more)

Check The Fine Print
Bruce R. Faber -- 06/03/05
Once upon a time, it was not unusual for a brokerage house to charge an annual fee of $20-40 a year to offset the cost incurred for maintaining your brokerage account. These days, if you jump through...(more)

Is It Time To Clean Up Your Portfolio?
John Devcic -- 05/18/05
Are you busy putting away those winter sweaters and coats and straightening out the closet? Maybe it's time to do the same with your portfolio and yes, it can be just as easy as cleaning out your cl...(more)

Is Value Investing Back In Vogue?
Clem Chambers -- 04/14/05
Value investing is a conservative -- perhaps the most conservative -- way to invest, but some have considered it the most boring. Is it? Or is it the safest way to keep flush?...(more)

Your Dividends May Be Costing You Money
John Price, PhD -- 03/08/05
Waiting for a payout? Selling your shares? Either way, consider the money management behind the company you've invested in....(more)

How Mergers And Acquisitions Affect Shareholder Wealth
George Coontz & J. Tim Query -- 02/23/05
It's a hot topic among investors, and here's why....(more)

Grow And Protect: An Investment Strategy For Retirement
Allen Rehert -- 11/17/04
Here's one way to earn double-digit returns while preserving a retirement nest egg....(more)

A Five-Step Market Portfolio
Andy Hicks -- 10/06/04
Here's a simple five-step investment process that can help you participate in the market without paying those exorbitant mutual fund or manager fees and limiting downside risk....(more)

Five Questions To Ask Your Broker
Nathan W. Slaughter -- 09/15/04
How can you choose an investment advisor who's right for you?...(more)

Fund Of Funds
Andrew Abraham -- 06/23/04
Here's one way to diversify your investments and preserve your capital....(more)

Why Are Stocks And Bonds Inversely Correlated?
Michael Carr, CMT -- 06/16/04
Here's some insight into the ongoing battle between the two tradables....(more)

Real Alternative Asset Classes
Robert L. Lewis -- 05/12/04
Investing's different for everybody. Check this out for all the many ways....(more)

Bear Market Investing
Bruce Jacobs -- 12/17/03
Bear markets can be scary, but they can also be profitable....(more)

The E-Factor
Joe C. Goncalves -- 11/24/03
Take a look at the most significant driving forces of investment management....(more)

Take Charge Of Your Investing With Mutual Funds
Ram Vazirani -- 10/08/03
Investing isn't as hard as you think. Check out these mutual funds....(more)

Investing With Trends
Thomas L. Dussault -- 09/16/03
Does investing simply mean following obvious price trends? You may find that periodic price trends and sensible stop-loss and entry price points are far better trading guides than price forecasts....(more)

When Mutual Fund Managers Move On
Todd Marshall and J. Tim Query, Ph.D. -- 09/10/03
Does changing mutual fund management improve performance?...(more)

Maximum Diversity
Eric J. Witkowski -- 07/30/03
You can tame the bear--if you diversify....(more)

David Penn -- 07/22/03
When it comes to investing, it is often wise to go with the ones who know....(more)

Index Investing
Eric J. Witkowski -- 06/17/03
It's simple, it's profitable, and best of all, everyone can understand it!...(more)

Odd-Lot Traders
James Maccaro -- 06/03/03
An early approach to contrarian investing....(more)

Recovery, Inflation, Or Deflation?
Bruce R. Faber -- 05/28/03
There seem to be three very different opinions about which route our economy is traveling. Which one is correct? Investing minds want to know!...(more)

Revisiting The Old Rules Of Investing
Wally Obermeyer -- 03/18/03
Let's revisit the old rules of investing and while we're at it, let's take a look at the lessons we learned from the collapse of the New Economy....(more)

Buy And Hold Bonanzas
David Penn -- 01/07/03
Buy and hold investing still works, but you've got to pick the right partners....(more)

Market Sentiment
David Penn -- 12/03/02
Take a sentimental journey through the world of contrarian investing....(more)

Defense Stocks
David Penn -- 10/15/02
With Afghanistan now and Iraq soon to come, can you go wrong investing in defense stocks?...(more)

Bear-Baiting & The Dogs Of The Dow
David Penn -- 10/08/02
Investing in high-yield, low-priced Dow stocks has been a winning game for years -- with the emphasis on "has been."...(more)

The Bullish Bears Of Summer
David Penn -- 07/02/02
With stocks down and foreign currencies looking toppish, is there any hope left for a summer rally in equities?...(more)

Not Just For Tree-Huggers Anymore
Bruce R. Faber -- 07/02/02
Is it time to consider investing in socially responsible companies?...(more)

Heavy (Precious) Metals
Jeff Dufour -- 06/04/02
The whys, whens, and hows of investing in gold and other precious metals....(more)

Should Investing Increase Your Capital Or Protect It?
Omar Bassal -- 05/07/02
Preserving capital in today's markets brings up questions you may not have considered....(more)

Fraudbuster John Lawrence Allen: II
Bruce R. Faber -- 01/29/02
When there's something fraudulent in your investing neighborhood, when you've been hurt by stockbroker or securities fraud, who are you going to call? You might want to consider John Lawrence Allen....(more)

Fraudbuster John Lawrence Allen
Bruce R. Faber -- 01/02/02
When there's something fraudulent in your investing neighborhood, when you've been hurt by stockbroker or securities fraud, who are you going to call? You might want to consider John Lawrence Allen....(more)

Investing In A Post-WTC Economy
Brian O'Connell -- 12/21/01
How do you go from a new economy to no economy overnight? And in this anxious day and age, how do Americans protect and build upon their investment portfolios?...(more)

The Cold War Bear
David Penn -- 11/01/01
The bear market of 1962-82 kept the Dow Jones Industrial Average pinned in the triple digits for a generation of stock investors....(more)

Buy American? What You Don't Know About Investing Overseas
David Penn -- 10/22/01
According to Kornitzer Capital Management's Tom Laming, some of the best international investments come from US companies. Confused? Read on....(more)

Are Your Investments Protected?
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 10/19/01
When it comes to investing, there is a difference between investor protection and insurance....(more)

Warren Buffett
James Maccaro -- 10/15/01
Legendary value investor Warren Buffett sat out the stock market bubble. Today, he's sitting prettier than ever....(more)

Investing News - November 2001
Working Money Magazine -- 09/28/01
Investing News - November 2001...(more)

Volume Speaks Volumes
Dennis D. Peterson -- 09/28/01
Sometimes the market roars and at other times it's quiet. Paying attention to these volume fluctuations can make a difference in your pocketbook....(more)

Resistance And Support
Dennis D. Peterson -- 09/28/01
Do you want to profit in the market? Then you need to understand resistance and support levels....(more)

Mutual Funds For The Not So Dumb - Eric Tyson
David Penn -- 09/20/01
At first glance, Eric Tyson appears to know as much about finance as he does about, well, dummies. After all, in addition to being an award-winning personal finance journalist and guest on programs su...(more)

The Father Of Security Analysis
James Maccaro -- 09/13/01
To buy when others are selling takes nerve, but this legendary investor, one of the most respected in the investment arena over the decades, taught a generation that value investing works....(more)

The Right Mix
Sean Moore -- 08/27/01
Given their single-digit returns, are bonds worth investing in?...(more)

Amy Wu -- 08/22/01
A Young Adult's Guide To Investing And Financial Decisions That Can Shape Your Life....(more)

The Lazy Man's Guide To Long-Term Investing
RM Sidewitz, Ph.D -- 08/12/01
Are you a buy-and-hold believer? Enhance your returns by using this simple technique....(more)

Earnings and Cash Flow: Watching What Matters
David Penn -- 07/28/01
Price-to-earnings and price-to-cash flow are among the most common ways to measure a company's health. What are these ratios and how can you use them to invest in the best companies?...(more)

Is That Positive Rate Of Return Pie-In-The-Sky?
Morley Hudson -- 07/28/01
Don't let overly positive rates of return obscure the real picture. Try a rule of thumb to estimate time value of money....(more)

Little Steps = Big Returns
Paul Merriman -- 07/27/01
Increase your profits by investing in specific sectors of the market....(more)

Can Beta Help You Battle Volatility?
David Penn -- 07/27/01
Of all the enemies of capital appreciation, stock price volatility is one of the most immediate. Can beta help you know when your stock or portfolio volatility is out of control?...(more)

Mobile Trading: The M-Commerce Revolution
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 05/30/01
You don't have to be stuck at your desk to trade online. Take advantage of the m-commerce revolution!...(more)

Are There Benefits From Buying Alternative Energy Technology?
Dr. Douglas B. Reynolds -- 05/30/01
With California's power crisis and the recent volatility in oil prices, it's tempting to buy alternative energy technology stocks. But are they profitable investments?...(more)

Online? On Guard!
Venkatesh Gopalakrishnan -- 05/30/01
It's easy. It simplifies your lifestyle in so many ways. But is it safe? Here's what you should know about Internet security....(more)

The Hidden Measure Of The Market
Dennis D. Peterson -- 05/30/01
Want to find out where the market is headed? Market breadth reveals plenty....(more)

Charts, Charts, Everywhere
Sharon Yamanaka -- 05/30/01
Charts, Charts, Everywhere...(more)

Onward, Online Banking
David Penn -- 05/30/01
The threat of more and more bank mergers and the rise of click-and-mortar financial institutions have online banks focusing on what they do best: speedy, convenient savings, loan service, and some of...(more)

Your Letters - July/August 2001
Working Money Magazine -- 05/30/01
The editors of Working Money, The Investors' Magazine, invite readers to submit their thoughts and opinions on subjects relating to investing and this magazine. This column is our means of communicati...(more)

Where Do You Want To Invest Today?
Karlis Sarkans -- 05/01/01
Experts have always recommended keeping a portion of your investments overseas. But how do you select the countries to invest in?...(more)

Interpret Stock Prices With MACD
Dennis D. Peterson -- 05/01/01
This popular tool to interpret stock prices is one of the staples of the technical analyst. Is it right for you?...(more)

Get In The Game: Invest In IPOs
Sean Moore -- 04/30/01
IPOs are usually reserved for institutions and high-net-worth individuals. But by investing in IPO funds, you - yes, you! - can also get a piece of the action....(more)

Learning From The Masters
James Maccaro -- 04/30/01
Bernard Baruch and Jesse Livermore were the two best-known Wall Street personalities of their eras. Their contrasting approaches to investing and to life still provide useful lessons to the investors...(more)

Putting The Top Down On Convertibles
David Penn -- 04/30/01
As bonds or stocks, convertible securities can provide investors with the security of fixed income or the growth of equities. Can they work for you?...(more)

Your Letters - June 2001
Working Money Magazine -- 04/30/01
The editors of Working Money, The Investors' Magazine, invite readers to submit their thoughts and opinions on subjects relating to investing and this magazine. This column is our means of communicati...(more)

Candlestick Close-up: Three White Soldiers
Sharon Yamanaka -- 03/26/01
This candlestick formation is hundreds of years old, but it can still help you predict changes in a price trend....(more)

Shake Uncle Sam Off Your Coffin
Morley Hudson -- 03/26/01
Investing through variable universal life insurance can help preserve returns for your beneficiaries and lessen Uncle Sam's tax bite on your estate....(more)

Tom Laming Of Buffalo Funds
David Penn -- 03/26/01
Tom Laming is senior vice president and portfolio manager with Kornitzer Capital Management, Inc., a research-driven firm that manages $1 billion in assets, including the Buffalo and AFBA Five Star fa...(more)

Why Not Oil Stocks?
Dr. Douglas B. Reynolds -- 03/26/01
Should you buy oil company stocks when they are close to their 52-week highs? Or should you wait? Here's what you need to know about oil....(more)

Small Caps: Growing Value And Valuing Growth
David Penn -- 03/26/01
With the Nasdaq reeling and the economy teetering on the edge of a recession, why would anyone be interested in small-cap stocks and mutual funds? Growth, for one thing. Value, for another....(more)

Getting Started With Options
Joe Demkovich and Eugene Theriot -- 03/26/01
Rather than shying away from the complexity of options, stick with some simple basics in exploiting them....(more)

Double Play
Rachelle Waters -- 03/26/01
Investing isn't just about long-term rewards. This investor has turned her passion for the investing game into a paycheck....(more)

Working Money Magazine -- 03/26/01
For well over a century, the people who built Invesco have been dedicated to the business of successful investing. As early as 1853, their predecessors around the world were actively involved in inves...(more)

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Working Money Magazine -- 03/26/01
The Charles Schwab organization began with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., a discount brokerage serving mostly "do-it-yourselfers" with low-cost trading and custody services. Over the last 25 years, howev...(more)

Working Money Magazine -- 03/26/01
The editors of Working Money, The Investors' Magazine, invite readers to submit their thoughts and opinions on subjects relating to investing and this magazine. This column is our means of communicati...(more)

Are You Ready For Reits?
David Penn -- 03/02/01
Could putting your money in real estate investment trusts meet your long-term investment needs?...(more)

Which Way Will The Market Go?
Dennis D. Peterson -- 03/01/01
If you've ever looked at a stock price chart, you know that prices can move erratically. Take advantage of oscillators to determine the momentum of this price change. Knowing when to use them and whic...(more)

Who Gets Aunt Hattie's Lamp?
Morley Hudson -- 03/01/01
Everyone has stuff. When you die, who gets it all?...(more)

Socially Screened Investments
Hal Masover -- 03/01/01
You really can do well by doing good....(more)

John C. Bogle Of Vanguard
John Sweeney -- 03/01/01
John C. Bogle, president of Bogle Financial Markets Research Center, founded The Vanguard Group, Inc., in 1974, after having been associated with a predecessor company since 1951. The Vanguard Group i...(more)

Mais Oui! Investing In European Funds
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 03/01/01
With the US markets expected to grow at a relatively slow pace, perhaps you should consider investing overseas....(more)

Some Rules To Invest By
Daryl Guppy -- 03/01/01
Originally published in Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, our companion magazine, as "Some Rules To Trade By," this article, filled with common...(more)

Gentlemen (And Ladies!) Prefer Bonds
Dennis D. Peterson -- 03/01/01
Bonds lock in a guaranteed profit for a fixed length of time. When the market is volatile, they can offer a safe haven for investment capital....(more)

Investing In The New Millennium
Xhayni De Mur -- 03/01/01
Investing In The New Millennium...(more)

Working Money Magazine -- 02/28/01
The editors of Working Money, The Investors' Magazine, invite readers to submit their thoughts and opinions on subjects relating to investing and this magazine. This column is our means of comm...(more)

Games Investors Play
David Penn -- 02/28/01
Investing in stocks and mutual funds is serious business. But two companies have turned the rough-and-tumble world of stock trading and money management into two exciting (and educational) new board g...(more)

Cassandra Toroian Of
David Penn -- 01/26/01
Cassandra Toroian is president and chief executive officer of, an online bank, brokerage, and educational resource designed for women. She developed the idea for af...(more)

John Roberts Of Barclays Global Investors
David Penn -- 01/26/01
Barclays Global Investors' iShares are among the newest exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the investing marketplace. ETFS, which are index mutual funds, can be bought and sold just like common stock and...(more)

Should You Trade With Technical Indicators?
Julie R. Dahlquist, Ph.D. -- 01/26/01
Is technical analysis for you? It depends on your approach to the market....(more)

Internet For Investors
Dennis D. Peterson -- 01/26/01
Education, analysis, commentary -- you'll find it all on the Internet. Here's a sample of the top websites for investing information....(more)

Investment Clubs: There's Strength In Numbers
Rachelle Waters -- 01/26/01
Are you awash in a sea of market data without any idea how to make sense of it, much less make a profit? Supported by a community of investors, you can learn how to invest and earn substantial returns...(more)

Easing Into Exchange Traded Funds
David Penn -- 01/26/01
Stock "baskets" and exchange traded funds are the new investment vehicles on the block. Can they help you meet your investment goals?...(more)

Your Letters
Working Money Magazine -- 01/26/01
The editors of Working Money, The Investors' Magazine, invite readers to submit their thoughts and opinions on subjects relating to investing and this magazine. This column is our means of comm...(more)

Trendlines And Relative Strength
Dennis D. Peterson -- 11/22/00
Trendlines and relative strength help an investor decide if a market, or sector of a market, is doing well and what to expect....(more)

Stocks And The Art of Charts
Sharon Yamanaka -- 11/22/00
Are you trying to decide whether to buy or sell a stock? If you are, get out your stock charts. This simple method of analysis will make your decision easier....(more)

Working Money Magazine -- 11/22/00
The editors of Working Money, The Investors' Magazine, invite readers to submit their thoughts and opinions on subjects relating to investing and this magazine....(more)

Technical Analysis For The Masses
David Penn -- 11/22/00
From charts and breakouts to trends and moving averages, technical analysis offers average investors a window looking onto Wall Street....(more)

Market Index CDs
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 11/22/00
If you want your finances to survive inflation, you'd better find out what you don't know....(more)

Websites For Investors
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 10/25/00
Websites For Investors...(more)

Working Money Magazine -- 10/25/00
Ameritrade is a recognized leader among online discount brokers. With more than 25 years of experience, the company has continued to mainstream and reinvent the idea of what investing can be. From pio...(more)

Placing An Online Trade
Sharon Yamanaka -- 10/25/00
The benefits of online brokerages can be enormous -- you just have to know what to do....(more)

Get A Hold On Investing Volume Basics
Martin J. Pring -- 10/25/00
How is volume used in technical analysis and what can it tell us?...(more)

Profiting In A Presidential Cycle
Han Kim -- 10/24/00
We elect a President every four years. How does that affect your portfolio?...(more),Inc.
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 10/24/00
The brutally competitive online brokerage industry makes it difficult for new entrants to survive unless they distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack....(more)

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V.5:8 (269-271): Introduction to spread investing Part 1 by Frank Taucher
Spread investing allows one to identify attractive spread trades that can be used to construct a diversified portfolio of profitable and reliable spread trades. It is this diversification, says this author, that allows steady profit growth. By Frank Taucher, page 269-271.

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