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Stop-Losses Using Candlestick Signals
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 03/01/12
Most investment professionals advise you to cut your losses short and let your profits run. But how do you do it?...(more)

Gold And Candlesticks
Gary Wagner -- 12/04/09
You can profit in gold as long as you keep a careful eye on the chart....(more)

The Dumpling Top
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 03/10/09
This candlestick pattern projects the selloff....(more)

Candlesticks For The Wise
Chaitali Mohile -- 09/29/08
The engulfing formation, three black crows, and three white advancing soldiers, along with few more candlestick patterns can make trading more interesting and more profitable....(more)

1-2-3 Reversal Signal
Chaitali Mohile -- 12/26/07
Identifying trend reversal points is difficult in trending markets and it is even more difficult to choose appropriate entry & exit levels. Here are a few complex patterns made simple....(more)

Candlestick Reversal Patterns
John Devcic -- 11/21/07
Candlestick patterns can be invaluable in identifying a possible tren reversal....(more)

The Candlestick Kicker
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 10/04/07
Is it the most powerful candlestick signal?...(more)

Counting Crows
Sharon Yamanaka -- 06/14/07
One man's sell is another man's buy signal. Which is best?...(more)

The Belthold Signal
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 11/07/06
This candlestick signal will give you an idea of where you're going....(more)

Bullish Engulfing Patterns: Powerful Buy Signals
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 07/11/06
Candlestick signals are merely the graphic depiction of investor sentiment during trend movements. Use them to your advantage....(more)

Candlesticks And The J-Hook
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 01/04/06
Combine candlestick signals with technical patterns....(more)

Color The Doji Amber
Rudy Teseo -- 12/28/05
In candlesticks or bar charts, the Japanese have a saying: "When you see a doji, take notice."...(more)

Trend Analysis Made Easy With Candlestick Signals
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 10/27/05
What are candlesticks telling you? Candlestick signals can identify price reversals, producing simple methods to analyze market trends and doing so accurately....(more)

Don't Fight The Candlesticks
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 09/29/05
Here's a simple process using candlestick signals....(more)

When To Sell? Candlesticks Tell
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 02/07/05
Candlesticks can be useful in helping to delete your emotions from trading....(more)

The Morning Star
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 09/22/04
Here's another candlestick pattern that can help you catch a reversal....(more)

The Harami: A Strong Reversal Signal
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 07/08/04
Looking for a better indication that the trend is going to reverse? Here's a pattern that can help....(more)

Candlesticks 101: Doji
Margaret Austin -- 06/03/04
You've seen candlesticks before. You can see why they're called candlesticks. You know these candlesticks have something to do with market timing and you could benefit from them, if only you knew how...(more)

Combining Candlesticks And Trendlines
Ashwani Gujral -- 05/27/04
Previously, I analyzed trendlines and described some of the more common candlestick reversal patterns. This time, I will show you how to use the two together....(more)

Candlesticks And Trendlines
Ashwani Gujral -- 05/12/04
You can use them together. Here's how....(more)

Market Timing With Candlesticks
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 02/25/04
Let the market tell you what it's going to do....(more)

Candlestick Filtering
Ashwani Gujral -- 01/14/04
Getting the best of East and West....(more)

Stop-Loss Procedures Made Easy
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 10/29/03
Candlestick analysis can make your life easier when placing stop-losses....(more)

Anatomy Of A Candlestick
Clive Lambert -- 09/17/03
Take a closer look at this strong reversal pattern....(more)

Trading Candlestick Patterns
Dennis D. Peterson -- 04/01/03
There's more to candlesticks than a visually appealing display of the open, high, low, and close....(more)

How Reliable Are Candlesticks?
Giovanni Maiani -- 08/27/02
If you're a hard-numbers kind of trader, statistically oriented, you've probably always been suspicious of the candlestick technique. "How reliable are they?" you've probably asked. Here's your answer...(more)

Connors' Undeniables And Candlestick Clarity
David Penn -- 08/20/02
Adding candlesticks and exchange-traded funds to Connors' Undeniables six-week reversal strategy makes trades both more rewarding and easier to spot....(more)

Dojis And Gaps
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 06/18/02
Power up your profits by combining these formations....(more)

When Candlesticks Cast Long Shadows
Sharon Yamanaka -- 03/12/02
Not all candlestick patterns are statistically significant. Some, such as the various stars, hammers, and hanging men, occur too frequently, in all possible places: in the beginning, middle, and end...(more)

Candlestick Profits
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 02/26/02
A charting technique from long ago can help you make a tidy profit....(more)

Candlestick Corner - The Engulfing Pattern
Sharon Yamanaka -- 10/11/01
This major reversal pattern is simple to use. You don't even need additional indicators. Find out how....(more)

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