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10 Signs That Tell You When To Stop Trading
Matt Blackman -- 11/09/11
Everybody is hunting for the best buy signals, but this focus ignores a major trading reality: You don't earn a penny until you sell. And you won't keep it if you don't know when to sit on your hands....(more)

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Technical Analysis
Bruce Faber -- 06/08/10
Proven techniques to help you identify the right times to buy and sell....(more)

The Dumpling Top
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 03/10/09
This candlestick pattern projects the selloff....(more)

Selling The 10-Bagger
Thomas Maskell -- 06/27/08
The key to selling is a narrative. It's a story, composed of fundamentals, speculative foreshadowing, and technical twists and turns....(more)

Relative Strength As A Selling Tool
Michael Carr, CMT -- 05/08/08
Relative strength is well known as a screening tool and a valuable component when it comes to making a buy decision. But what about using it for your sell decision?...(more)

In Search Of The Next Big Game
Matt Blackman -- 01/16/08
Stocks go up when there are more buyers than sellers, down when the opposite occurs and short-sellers are a big part of the picture. But when a heavily shorted stock rallies, it can provide those in t...(more)

The Buying Myth Debunked
Mike Carr, CMT, and Matt Blackman -- 10/24/07
The greatest factor separating the successful market player from the rest may well be his or her systematic approach to selling....(more)

Counting Crows
Sharon Yamanaka -- 06/14/07
One man's sell is another man's buy signal. Which is best?...(more)

Selling Naked Options
David Penn -- 12/22/06
Is there a way for the average trader to trade options the way the professionals do?...(more)

Mining For Maximum Shine
Matt Blackman -- 10/25/06
When it comes to metals, there's a time to buy and a time to sell. Here's a way your computer can help you find the sweet spots....(more)

Accumulation and Distribution
David Penn -- 08/15/06
Here are the basics on buying and selling with the big boys....(more)

Midterm Miracles
David Penn -- 08/08/06
Buy the midterm elections and sell the Presidential? There's a way to profit from political cycles....(more)

The User's Guide To Buy And Sell Orders
John Devcic -- 12/14/05
Expand your trading expertise with this handy guide to orders and how to use them....(more)

David Penn -- 10/05/05
Buying the overbought and selling the oversold....(more)

Caveat Emptor: Buyer (Or Seller) Beware!
David & Anna Coulling -- 07/13/05
A supply and demand parable for the individual trader....(more)

Your Dividends May Be Costing You Money
John Price, PhD -- 03/08/05
Waiting for a payout? Selling your shares? Either way, consider the money management behind the company you've invested in....(more)

Insider Sell/Buy Ratio Hits All-Time High
Matt Blackman -- 02/23/05
The all-important sell/buy ratio hit a new all-time high in January, but is that an accurate indication of what insiders are doing?...(more)

When To Sell? Candlesticks Tell
Stephen W. Bigalow -- 02/07/05
Candlesticks can be useful in helping to delete your emotions from trading....(more)

Insider Trading Hits Four-Year High
Matt Blackman -- 12/08/04
Insider selling soared in November to the highest level since August 2000, which coincided with the last major peak in the S&P 500 index before the recession. Are corporate insiders trying to tell us...(more)

What Are Insiders Telling Us?
Matt Blackman -- 12/01/04
What corporate insiders do in the stock market can tell us a lot about where they believe the market is going. When corporate executives are buying their company's stock in greater than average amoun...(more)

Commodities: We've Only Just Begun
Arthur Hill -- 09/29/04
To paraphrase Edwin LeFevre, remember that commodities are never too high for you to begin buying or too low to begin selling....(more)

Buying The Lows, Selling The Highs
David Penn -- 10/01/03
There are tools to help you handle the temptations of top and bottom picking....(more)

Using Relative Strength
Steve Watkins -- 02/25/03
Here's how to use relative strength as a buy or sell indicator....(more)

To Short Or Not To Short?
Neil O'Hara -- 08/06/02
That is the question. Here's a detailed discussion of short selling....(more)

Trends And The 4% Solution
David Penn -- 02/12/02
Can you improve your odds of buying bottoms and selling tops? Use both trend-following and momentum-shift approaches to learn when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em....(more)

Forming A Dow Line
David Penn -- 02/05/02
Whether you are buying or selling, believe it or not, it's good to wait in line....(more)

Buy High, Sell Low
Edwin Polokoff -- 12/18/01
Nothing changes. Everything changes....(more)

When Should You Sell That Stock?
Michael B. Patterson -- 11/20/01
It's one of the toughest and loneliest decisions for an investor to make....(more)

The Father Of Security Analysis
James Maccaro -- 09/13/01
To buy when others are selling takes nerve, but this legendary investor, one of the most respected in the investment arena over the decades, taught a generation that value investing works....(more)

A Taste Of The Big MACD
Amy Wu -- 09/05/01
Indicators like the moving average convergence/divergence help you confirm signals and decrease risk when buying and selling securities. Invented by Gerald Appel in the 1970s, the MACD has become a st...(more)

Socially Insecure
Mike Flynn -- 05/30/01
You aren't one of those people who believe that Social Security will actually pay you when it comes time to retire, are you? May I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge?...(more)

Cassandra Toroian Of
David Penn -- 01/26/01
Cassandra Toroian is president and chief executive officer of, an online bank, brokerage, and educational resource designed for women. She developed the idea for af...(more)

Stocks And The Art of Charts
Sharon Yamanaka -- 11/22/00
Are you trying to decide whether to buy or sell a stock? If you are, get out your stock charts. This simple method of analysis will make your decision easier....(more)

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