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Analyzing A Stock With Fundamentals
Koos van der Merwe -- 02/09/2017
What do the fundamentals say about stocks?...(more)

A Fundamental Lesson For The Technically Minded
Matt Blackman -- 04/29/2013
For decades, there have been two major schools of thought when it comes to stocks. First came the fundamentalists who believe that stock prices are a product of revenues and earnings. Then came the te...(more)

Could One Stock Provide A Reliable Bubble Meter?
Matt Blackman -- 09/07/2011
In 1989, one stock provided an accurate warning that something was amiss with the Nikkei 225 index. It did so again in 1999, months before the peak in US stocks. Is the most recent peak a warning that...(more)

Elliott Wave And The Explosive Stock
Ryan Henry -- 03/10/2011
Using the Elliott wave theory, you can find stocks that are ready to skyrocket....(more)

Volatility As A Stock Bellwether
Dan Zanger and Matt Blackman -- 07/01/2010
In his last article, 'Is Trading That Simple?' Dan Zanger discussed some signature chart patterns and stocks that have been big winners. This time, he delves deeper into his composite approach...(more)

Is Trading That Simple?
Dan Zanger and Matt Blackman -- 05/03/2010
Like many traders, I first learned of Dan Zanger in a December 2000 Forbes article entitled "My stocks are up 10,000 percent!" that described how the former swimming pool contracto...(more)

Do You Need Volume To Move Stocks Higher?
Michael Carr, CMT -- 08/26/2009
Many analysts are pointing to lower than average volume in stocks as a reason to expect a price decline. This seems logical, but test data works better when it comes to making investing decisions....(more)

Rising Interest Rates, Inflation, And Stocks
Michael Carr, CMT -- 06/26/2009
What’s the buzz about inflation and interest rates?...(more)

Preferred Stocks
John Devcic -- 04/09/2009
What's the difference between preferred stock and common stock? Which is better for your portfolio?...(more)

In Search Of The Next Big Game
Matt Blackman -- 01/16/2008
Stocks go up when there are more buyers than sellers, down when the opposite occurs and short-sellers are a big part of the picture. But when a heavily shorted stock rallies, it can provide those in t...(more)

Ready For Retail?
David Penn -- 09/27/2007
The Fed easing season arrived earlier than expected. And the sector rotation rulebook says it is time to invest in retail stocks. But is retail ready to run?...(more)

The Manic Marriage Between Bonds And Stocks
Matt Blackman -- 08/16/2007
Can this long-term intermarket match survive the strain?...(more)

Search For The 10-Bagger Fundamentals
Thomas Maskell -- 07/03/2007
Though they may not be particularly rare, these elusive stocks hold promise nonetheless....(more)

Charting Cramer: NYX, AAPL, And CSCO
David Penn -- 04/11/2007
The previous installment of "Charting Cramer" drew attention to the King of Cramerica's value picks for 2007. This time, we turn our attention toward stocks that represent opportunities for growth....(more)

Be Like Buffett
David Penn -- 03/07/2007
For the past seven years, money manager Doug Davenport and The Wisdom Fund have offered investors a chance at investing in stocks "Warren's way."...(more)

Jumpin' Nat(ural) Gas
David Penn -- 02/20/2007
Few sectors are as seasonally favored at this time of the year as are natural gas stocks. How are they shaping up technically?...(more)

The Anatomy Of The 10-Bagger
Thomas Maskell -- 09/05/2006
Shh! We're hunting for these elusive (but not particularly rare) stocks....(more)

The Search For The 10-Bagger Begins
Thomas Maskell -- 03/23/2006
These promising stocks are elusive but not particularly rare....(more)

Airlines & Oil
David Penn -- 01/25/2006
The same stuff that makes airplanes go up makes their stocks go up... and down...(more)

The Dow's Dogs, Undaunted
David Penn -- 01/25/2005
A bearish sawtooth pattern in stocks in 2004 couldn't hold back the littlest underdogs of the Dow 30....(more)

Trading On Price Perception
Andy Hicks -- 01/04/2005
One of the most important factors to consider when trading stocks is price perception....(more)

Finding Tradable Stocks
Jacob Singer -- 11/10/2004
Here's a strategy that can give you a clue about what stocks to trade....(more)

Oil Service Stocks Play Catch-up
Arthur Hill -- 11/03/2004
Oil stocks are outperforming the broader market....(more)

Lane's Stochastics
George Lane, M.D. -- 07/28/2004
George Lane, a name well known in the technical analysis community, died on July 7, 2004. He was 83. The stochastic oscillator, which he originated, is one of the most popular indicators in use today....(more)

Why Are Stocks And Bonds Inversely Correlated?
Michael Carr, CMT -- 06/16/2004
Here's some insight into the ongoing battle between the two tradables....(more)

The '94 Rules
David Penn -- 04/28/2004
Ten years ago, rising interest rates sent stocks and bonds reeling. What does the specter of higher interest rates in 2004 suggest about stocks going forward?...(more)

The South Sea Bubble
Margaret Austin -- 04/07/2004
You didn't think the Internet stocks bubble was the first one, did you? Manic speculation has been around a long time....(more)

Are Stocks And Bonds Recoupling?
Matt Blackman -- 02/11/2004
If so, it may be a sign the deflation risk is over....(more)

Sector Spotting
David Penn -- 01/28/2004
Strength in semiconductor and box maker indexes may point toward opportunities in a number of stocks....(more)

Stock-Split Trading
Ihor Vysotskyy -- 01/21/2004
Two stocks are better than one....(more)

The Value Line Arithmetic Index
David Penn -- 09/03/2003
What can the Value Line Arithmetic Index tell us about stocks?...(more)

Dollars, Debt, Stocks, And "Things"
David Penn -- 07/15/2003
The conventional wisdom on the markets continues to be turned on its head....(more)

The Reflation Trade
David Penn -- 06/10/2003
Which of the three trains running--gold, bonds, or stocks--will continue to go investors' way?...(more)

Intermarket Relationships
David Penn -- 04/15/2003
From commodities and bonds to stocks and the US dollar, can intermarket relationships tell us where we are headed?...(more)

Playing The Gold Game
Matt Blackman -- 03/11/2003
After years of relative obscurity as an investment and trading vehicle, gold has made a dramatic comeback. Here's what you should watch out for when trading gold or gold stocks....(more)

Defense Stocks
David Penn -- 10/15/2002
With Afghanistan now and Iraq soon to come, can you go wrong investing in defense stocks?...(more)

Bear-Baiting & The Dogs Of The Dow
David Penn -- 10/08/2002
Investing in high-yield, low-priced Dow stocks has been a winning game for years -- with the emphasis on "has been."...(more)

Housing Construction Stocks
David Penn -- 09/10/2002
Have home construction stocks overgrown their foundations?...(more)

Those Blue-Chip Blues
Bruce R. Faber -- 08/13/2002
Just what are blue-chip stocks. . . and are they really safe?...(more)

Injecting Hospital Stocks Into Your Portfolio
David Penn -- 07/09/2002
The smallest industry in health care may feature the sector's best buys in stocks....(more)

The Bullish Bears Of Summer
David Penn -- 07/02/2002
With stocks down and foreign currencies looking toppish, is there any hope left for a summer rally in equities?...(more)

Driving Miss Dollar
David Penn -- 06/11/2002
What does the decline in the dollar say about stocks?...(more)

Gibson's Paradox
David Penn -- 03/26/2002
Can an old gold-standard truism tell us anything about stocks and bonds today?...(more)

When Candlesticks Cast Long Shadows
Sharon Yamanaka -- 03/12/2002
Not all candlestick patterns are statistically significant. Some, such as the various stars, hammers, and hanging men, occur too frequently, in all possible places: in the beginning, middle, and end...(more)

Utilities: Used And Abused
David Penn -- 02/26/2002
With growth companies going nowhere and recession holding the broader economy back, utility stocks with their predictable revenues and big dividends should be the place to be. So why aren't they?...(more)

Bonds And Stocks: Together Again?
David Penn -- 01/15/2002
After two and a half years of divergence, bond prices look to lead stock prices once again....(more)

Average True Range
Sharon Yamanaka -- 12/11/2001
Average or extraordinary, "true range" is often referred to in stocks and commodities trading. But what is it?...(more)

2001: A Stock Odyssey
David Penn -- 11/13/2001
Looking back on a year no one, in or out of the stock market, will ever forget. Plus: what bonds can tell you about stocks....(more)

How The Small Survive - Laura Granger Of Oppenheimer Emerging Growth Fund
David Penn -- 08/12/2001
When the going gets tough, do the small get growing? That's how Laura Granger, portfolio manager of OppenheimerFunds' new Emerging Growth Fund, sees it. At the helm of the fund since October 2000, Gra...(more)

He Knows Investors' Business, Daily: William J. O'Neil
David Penn -- 07/28/2001
The name rings a bell, but you're not sure why. You may only be vaguely familiar with the name, but you've certainly heard of, if not actually read, the product for which he is perhaps best known. Wil...(more)

Looking For Intrinsic Value - Clyde McGregor of Oakmark Funds
David Penn -- 05/30/2001
As a portfolio manager for Harris Associates, LP, a Chicago-based investment management firm that serves as advisor to the Oakmark Family of funds, Clyde McGregor searches for stocks trading below int...(more)

Are There Benefits From Buying Alternative Energy Technology?
Dr. Douglas B. Reynolds -- 05/30/2001
With California's power crisis and the recent volatility in oil prices, it's tempting to buy alternative energy technology stocks. But are they profitable investments?...(more)

Putting The Top Down On Convertibles
David Penn -- 04/30/2001
As bonds or stocks, convertible securities can provide investors with the security of fixed income or the growth of equities. Can they work for you?...(more)

Robert von Pentz of Quant Funds
David Penn -- 04/30/2001
Robert von Pentz, portfolio manager of the Quant Mid Cap Fund, is a member of Columbia Partners and is responsible for all equity investment activities there. Before he joined Columbia Partners, von P...(more)

Why Not Oil Stocks?
Dr. Douglas B. Reynolds -- 03/26/2001
Should you buy oil company stocks when they are close to their 52-week highs? Or should you wait? Here's what you need to know about oil....(more)

Are Bonds For You?
Dennis D. Peterson -- 03/26/2001
Everybody knows about stocks, but what about bonds? Bonds come in all shapes and forms, some of which may be just what you're looking for. Look and see if bonds would be a good match for you....(more)

Small Caps: Growing Value And Valuing Growth
David Penn -- 03/26/2001
With the Nasdaq reeling and the economy teetering on the edge of a recession, why would anyone be interested in small-cap stocks and mutual funds? Growth, for one thing. Value, for another....(more)

Is Buy-And-Hold The Strategy For You?
RM Sidewitz, Ph.D -- 03/01/2001
Buying and holding stocks may not be the best approach for everyone, especially those who are unwilling to sit back and take large losses while they wait for their stocks to climb back up....(more)

Games Investors Play
David Penn -- 02/28/2001
Investing in stocks and mutual funds is serious business. But two companies have turned the rough-and-tumble world of stock trading and money management into two exciting (and educational) new board g...(more)

Cassandra Toroian Of
David Penn -- 01/26/2001
Cassandra Toroian is president and chief executive officer of, an online bank, brokerage, and educational resource designed for women. She developed the idea for af...(more)

Fritz Meyer Of Invesco
Jason K. Hutson -- 11/22/2000
Fritz Meyer, the lead manager for the Growth and Income fund (IVGIX), joined Invesco Funds Group in February 1996. The Growth and Income fund seeks high total return from capital appreciation and curr...(more)

Stocks And The Art of Charts
Sharon Yamanaka -- 11/22/2000
Are you trying to decide whether to buy or sell a stock? If you are, get out your stock charts. This simple method of analysis will make your decision easier....(more)
Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan -- 11/22/2000
Here's a brokerage that gives individuals the opportunity to invest in a basket of stocks, even with limited funds....(more)

An Interview With Fund Manager Louis Navellier
Jason K. Hutson -- 10/25/2000
With more than 15 years of experience behind him, Louis Navellier, founder and president of Navellier & Associates, Navellier Management, and editor of MPT Review is a well-known figure in the investm...(more)

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